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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- May 23rd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your patience is running thin today and your partner knows that they're walking on eggshells. The Sun and Mars are forming a dangerous combination in your sky and there is little chance of your relationship coming out unscathed. Dear Taurus, you can expect plenty of shouting, door slamming and crossed wires today. Not good news!


    Dear Single, don't get your hopes up today where matters of the heart are concerned as there is no good news on the horizon. The Sun and Venus are throwing a spanner in the works and making romance pretty much impossible. You may well meet someone who catches your eye but the chances are that they'll turn out to be nothing but bad news.

    Sexy tip

    Sulky, let your lover make the first move and take control of the operations. You will ask for cuddles more than anything else today.


    The arrival of the Sun-Mars square indicates that you'll feel out of your depth at work today. You could end up throwing a wobbly with a client or colleague owing to your inability to cope under pressure. Take a deep breath and calm down for the sake of your career.

    Your finances

    You'll make your hard earned cash go as far as possible today and fortunately you can count on your kids and partner to make the same effort. You don't believe in throwing money out the window and are doing everything you can to boost your savings account.

    Your lucky number




    Trust is very important to you and you won't take kindly to a certain someone letting you down today. This could spell the end of a friendship. Sad but true!


    You're laying down the law with your family as you think a few of them have been taking liberties. Fortunately they know better than to disobey your orders.

    Your saying

    « Praise belongs to him who starts, even if the next person does better » Arab saying


    Fatigue and digestive problems will cloud the day so try to limit the damages by cutting back on rich, fatty foods.

    Your color

    A minty nail varnish will freshen up your appearance.

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