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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- May 11th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner has made some requests in the bedroom and you've decided to give in and agree to try out a few new ideas. It will do you both good to step outside of your comfort zone and get to know each other's bodies on a deeper level. There is a strong physical connection between you so now you need to work on strengthening the emotional and spiritual bond.


    You'll cross paths with a Pisces today and your love life will never be the same again after this interesting encounter. You'll find yourself swept up in a whirlwind romance before the day is up and, needless to say, you won't regret it for a single second. Dear Taurus, you have a good feeling about this love story and you're crossing your fingers and toes that it goes the distance.

    Sexy tip

    Be crazy today, listen to your imagination in order to spice up your sex life! Drive him mad: turn him on then disappear. Let him find you!


    The Sun is having a dual effect on your professional sector. Firstly, it is helping you to push yourself to your limits and use your skills and experience to your advantage. Secondly, it is also encouraging you to keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities...

    Your finances

    You always stick to the rulebook when it comes to your spending. If you go overboard one day then you make sure you balance out your extravagances by making some sacrifices the next day. You've got the right approach and your bank account is reaping the benefits.

    Your lucky number




    Your kind and caring personality has not gone unnoticed by your best friends today. As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed!


    Your relatives will help you to put your problems to the back of your mind today. The Sun is encouraging you to keep your chin up when the going gets tough.

    Your saying

    « Saving one self is the most rewarding of virtues » Zuo Chan


    The Moon is helping you to get the balance back in your life. Your energy levels are through the roof and you're ahead of the game with your tasks.

    Your color

    Warm and luminous, buttercup yellow sprinkled on your tops will brighten up your appearance.

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