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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- April 9th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The arrival of the Moon in your love sector indicates that your relationship is on rocky ground. Uranus is causing you to lose your calm and speak without thinking through the consequences. To make matters worse, the Mars square is making you irritable and your poor partner is bearing the brunt of your bad moods. You're both clearly having doubts about the future.


    The stars are urging you to put your love life to the back of your mind today in order to limit the damages. Your negative mindset will only do more harm than good if you ignore the planets' advice and meet up with your current flame. Your fiery temper will have calmed down by tomorrow so be patient and accept that today is a day for self reflection rather than romance.

    Sexy tip

    You don't really need to, that's true, but why don't you give sex toys a try? You're open to new experiences!


    You're feeling highly strung today and are struggling to keep your thoughts to yourself. Your nerves are shot to ribbons and your interpersonal skills are nowhere to be seen. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife in your team and your attitude is doing nothing to help the situation.

    Your finances

    Your head is screwed on when it comes to money and you'll make a string of wise financial decisions today. The influence of Saturn is helping you to curb your generosity and leave your savings safely in your bank account. It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Your lucky number




    Your instincts are telling you to take a certain friend's advice with a pinch of salt. The stars indicate that they may have an ulterior motive...


    Personal problems are weighing you down and preventing you from being yourself at home. Avoid discussing any thorny issues with your relatives today.

    Your saying

    "A moment of patience can prevent great misfortunes, a moment of impatience can destroy an entire life." Chinese proverb


    Tensions are rising and you're struggling to keep your head above the waters. Your moods are at an all-time low.

    Your color

    Turquoise everywhere! Even on your jewelry!

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