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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- April 2nd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Moon-Pluto opposition is causing your ego to take center stage in your relationship. You've lost touch with reality and your poor partner is growing tired of your selfish ways. Communication is at an all time low so it wouldn't do any harm to take a breather for a few days and give each other some space. Damage limitation is the key today.


    The Moon-Venus duo is bringing romance and happiness to your life and making you simply irresistible. That said, you are advised to keep your eyes peeled as the stars have laid out some traps for you. If you refuse to look reality in the eye then you'll only have yourself to blame if you get your heart broken. You have been warned...

    Sexy tip

    Sensual, intense and wild physical exchanges are the only thing that will make you happy. But make sure you don't use sex as a way to compensate for a lack of affection...


    Your interpersonal skills are nowhere to be seen at work today. Last minute changes of plan will throw you off balance and cause you to lash out at your colleagues. Take a deep breath and calm down before doing anything you might end up regretting. Your career is at stake here.

    Your finances

    You are advised to tread very carefully indeed when it comes to money today. The Moon-Venus duo is causing you to throw caution to the wind and your finances could plummet as a result. Keep a close eye on your spending if you want to limit the damages.

    Your lucky number




    Your friends admire your creative side but try not to go overboard though. Your vanity could end up getting the better of you.


    Your children are full of beans today and you can't get enough of their imaginative stories and games. You're on the same wavelength for once!

    Your saying

    "All living beings are Buddha and have in them wisdom and virtue. " Buddha


    Your emotions are all over the place and you're struggling to keep up with the pace. You're at the end of your tether.

    Your color

    Wear sexy cherry red lipstick!

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