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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- March 15th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're in the mood to make plans for the future with your significant other this Sunday. Your relationship has what it takes to last the distance, you're certain of it! You two could talk about getting married, having a baby, moving in together or to a bigger house, etc... Moving your union to the next level is your priority! You and your partner are so happy together.


    You find it pretty easy to shake off the pain of rejection, my single friend! You're not afraid to ask people out, even if your success rate hasn't been anything to write home about lately. Just because your last crush rejected your advances doesn't mean that your next one will too... Especially as you're not hitting on the same type of lovers as in the past!

    Sexy tip

    It will be in your best interest to guide his hand and his lips... Make it last! Cuddle and kiss him for a long time before the act...


    You're obsessed with moving closer to your professional objectives. You've no time to waste in the workplace! You're often accused of not being the funniest person to work with, but you couldn't care less... Your superiors are impressed with how driven you are!

    Your finances

    An unexpected opportunity to give your finances a fantastic boost could fall into your lap this Sunday. Wonderful news! Plenty of hard work will be required from you, but it will all be worth it in the end, trust us...

    Your lucky number




    The planets encourage you to have as much fun as possible with your friends today. Why not, most of you are off work after all!


    You love being with your little family. You will come up with plenty of original ways to keep your kids entertained this Sunday!

    Your saying

    "He who dominates others is strong. He who dominates himself is powerful." Laozi


    You're full of positive energy, my Taurus friend. Life simply feels so good right now!

    Your color

    Chestnut-brown hair dye will soften your hair and brighten up your eyes if you're a brunette.

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