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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- March 5th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You and your significant other will truly enjoy spending time together today. You two take great pleasure in looking after each other! Your relationship is incredibly healthy right now. Your partner loves how easy you find it to make them feel special. Selfless, you don't mind giving more than you receive in this domain!


    You're in a charming mood! The spring is fast approaching, and you're desperate to meet as many new faces as you can. You want to make new friends and flirt with complete strangers. You literally cannot stop smiling at the minute! You could be surprised to receive an explicit message from someone who's normally incredibly shy...

    Sexy tip

    Expect passionate and intense exchanges. You won't run out of gas! New sexual experiences are what you're looking for today!


    The planets will allow you to get all the recognition you deserve in the workplace. Your bosses have total faith in you at the minute! You will be trusted with getting new, ambitious projects underway on the professional front this Thursday.

    Your finances

    Money will literally burn a hole in your pocket. You're in the mood to treat yourself, my Taurus friend! Go on, you deserve it. Money exists to be spent, after all... You only live once, so make the most of it while you still can!

    Your lucky number




    The planets encourage you to spend as much time as possible with your friends. Feeling supported will truly lift your spirits!


    Your family life is stable and healthy right now. You will actually enjoy paying attention to your loved ones today, for a change!

    Your saying

    "Pay evil with righteousness, and kindness with kindness." Laozi


    You're full of energy and motivation today... People could find it hard to keep up with you as a result!

    Your color

    There's nothing like a Prussian blue top to bring attention to a brown leather skirt or jacket.

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