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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- January 21st, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You've got an evening with your pals planned for this evening and you've already told your partner that you won't be home early and so not to wait up for you. They don't seem to have got the message though and your phone won't stop beeping with endless messages from them this evening. If only they could give you a little more independence!


    You'll forget that you had agreed to a date this evening with one of your love interests and you'll have to beg for forgiveness this evening when you stand them up without even realizing it. Unfortunately they won't be ready to forgive and forget and will fly off the handle when you try to apologize. You think they're overreacting and will decide to give them a wide berth.

    Sexy tip

    Use naughty and original accessories in the bedroom! There are times in life when you must know how to let your hair down and stop planning everything!


    You're working your little socks off at the moment and you're as pleased as punch with the results. The only fly in the ointment is that you'll have a backstabbing colleague to contend with but your skills of communication will help you to come out of the situation unscathed.

    Your finances

    Think very carefully before getting your credit card out as you could live to regret it today. Mercury in Aquarius is causing you to overestimate your spending power and underestimate the damage you could do by spending beyond your means. Ouch...

    Your lucky number




    A friend has been meddling in your private life and sticking their ore in where it's not wanted. You'll decide to give them a wide berth until further notice.


    You and a relative have been rubbing each other up the wrong way recently. You're determined to stand your ground on this one, regardless of the outcome.

    Your saying

    "The fox waiting for the hen to fall stays hungry." Greek proverb


    You've got a lot on your plate at the moment but you wouldn't have it any other way. The day will fly by!

    Your color

    Wear a lead gray suit with subtle blue hints for a delightfully urban style.

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