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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- December 14th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Professional activities encroach upon your couple. There could lead to a little clash. Bank on communication, so that you don't maintain resentment. Couple life requires new rules. Think about your partner. You may not like your sweetheart's hobbies. Don't let this frustrate you! Complicity and tenderness aren't enough.


    You're in a hurry to find love. Loneliness brings you peace and you like spending time alone. Jupiter in Capricorn brings along trust in your love life. Encounters trigger feelings, full of hope. Take your time. Don't be hasty due to an attraction, based on seduction. Appearances can be misleading.

    Sexy tip

    If you're not claustrophobic, put the elevator on hold and literally jump on him! It's good to have sex in new places...


    There are obstacles on your path. Your colleagues try to throw you off balance. Your job triggers greed! Rivalries may emerge. These are related to income. Keep your ambitions to yourself. Otherwise, it'll go against you.

    Your finances

    Expenses in sight. These concern daily life. They come one after the other. You may crib due to money, during the day. Grin and bear it, wait for these expenses to clear. Your worries will only be temporary.

    Your lucky number




    It's important to let others express themselves. Your nature is rather narrow-minded and you don't realize this. This triggers tensions. An ego clash is possible.


    You may say unpleasant remarks. Don't get angry for no reason. A relative has a different opinion, compared to yours.

    Your saying

    "Gravity is no more than the bark of wisdom, but it protects it." Chinese proverb


    Stress makes an impact on your nerves. Favor calm to revitalize. Go walking!

    Your color

    For a sensual look, mix tea pink with pearl or brownish gray. Success guaranteed!

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