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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- December 5th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your couple undergoes attacks from your tenacious character. Clashes in sight and bad faith comes along in your couple. Discussions may make you both agree on money issues. An investment project may interest you. You should get your partner's approval. Despite your clashes, your sweetheart listens to you.


    You're happy alone and wish to remain this way. Moments alone are pleasant. Celibacy suits you well these days. It allows you to get a breather. Before beginning a new relationship, the past may resurface. Not really in a hurry to change your life, you let luck take its course. You have a chance at meeting someone at work. If one asks you out, say yes!

    Sexy tip

    Alternating between boiling hot and freezing cold will awaken all of your senses! Ask him up for a last drink "on the rocks"... And keep the ice for later!


    You can't stand the routine at work anymore. It gets on your nerves. To end this, you want to end things. You have a choice between quitting or beginning a procedure, to get another position. Listen to your intuition, it guides you.

    Your finances

    Loved ones or friends trigger expenses. These are often unexpected. You're advised to go slow with useless expenses. They damage your budget and lead to an imbalance. To achieve this, don't be empathetic!

    Your lucky number




    Mars in Scorpio makes you harsh. You may be bossy and never at a loss for words. There are disappointments in relations.


    An unpleasant atmosphere in your family relations. There are clashes and it's due to money issues. You stick to your opinion.

    Your saying

    "Judge others for yourself and treat them the way you would like to be treaded." Chinese proverb


    You need to learn to relax. Stress doesn't suit you. This triggers poor sleep and nervousness.

    Your color

    Sapphire-blue eye shadow will get you a lot of attention!

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