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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- November 7th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner is enjoying your good mood. A pleasant and lively day is in the cards. Passion is in the air, and you two will enjoy making exciting plans together. You're too busy making the most of what life has to offer to worry about your everyday problems! There's no point in crying over spilt milk, my Taurus friend...


    You're in a charming and seductive mood today! You feel like meeting someone special. Incredibly charismatic, you will quickly attract all kinds of interesting strangers around you this Thursday... One of who could, maybe, even be lucky enough to spend the night in your company! You're excited to see what the day has in store for you, my Taurus friend.

    Sexy tip

    Don't hesitate to use new sexy toys and accessories... Sex games seriously appeal to you today. The bolder the better!


    Taking a break would do you a world of good, but you're far too busy to even think about resting for a few hours. Impressively resourceful, you should manage to find the energy required to keep on moving your projects forward.

    Your finances

    You could be told about an interesting way to give your income a boost. Your financial problems will soon belong to the past, you're certain of it! Simply be careful not to get too carried away if you're made an offer that sounds too good to be true...

    Your lucky number




    Mercury is aware of your lack of tact when trying to warn a friend about a potential danger. You mean well, but let people deal with their own issues.


    You don't mind being with your family, quite the opposite in fact, but you really feel the need to spend some time alone and put yourself first for a change.

    Your saying

    "Knowing others is wisdom. Knowing oneself is superior wisdom." Laozi


    Take the time to look after yourself. Recharging your batteries cannot do you any harm!

    Your color

    Tanned and dark skins should sport a fresh and dynamic look by wearing spring-green eye make-up.

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