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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- October 30th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    There is a strong chemistry between you and your partner and the atmosphere at home will be nothing short of electric today. The only downside is that when sparks fly there could easily be a fire. You'll get your wires crossed on more than one occasion today and the situation will turn sour before you have a chance to react. You're at the end of your tether.


    What with the sudden drop in temperatures and the end of summer, you've been spending more time on the couch than out and about with your friends recently. Your love life has started to stagnate as a result and you've just about given up hope of meeting someone special this year. As it happens, a family member will introduce you to someone special today. Who would have thought it?

    Sexy tip

    Don't be selfish, introduce him to your new duck vibrator! Don't hesitate to bring a few sex toys with you under your sheets!


    Dear Taurus, you've got a good head for numbers and will use your accounting skills to your advantage at work today. The jackpot is within easy reach and the sky's the limit for your career at the moment. Mercury and Venus are getting the red carpet out for you!

    Your finances

    Mercury in your sign is helping you to steer your finances back down the right path. Dear Taurus, money is no laughing matter in your eyes and you won't be taking any risks when it comes to your savings. That's not to say that you let it dictate your life though.

    Your lucky number




    Dear Taurus, you're keen to remind your pals who's boss. You're the leader of the pack and you won't let them forget it.


    You're filled with optimism for the future of your family. You've got a lot to be grateful for and the icing on the cake is that you're closer than ever before.

    Your saying

    "The aim of a walk doesn't matter, but every single step does." Chinese proverb


    You'll zigzag your way through the day owing to a succession of highs and lows. You can barely keep up with the pace.

    Your color

    Incredibly sensual, a crimson-pink dress will not leave anyone indifferent!

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