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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- September 6th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Under the charming and sensual influence of Venus, the Queen of love, you should be in for a pretty unforgettable day! You and your partner will enjoy making exciting and ambitious plans together this Friday. Don't be afraid to take bold initiatives and step outside of your sentimental comfort zone... You will not regret it, trust us!


    Mercury and Venus hanging out in your house V could cause you and one of your existing friends to develop romantic feelings for each other today. How exciting! You two will wisely decide not to tell anybody about the unexpected turn your friendship has just taken... Why give people an excuse to talk about you behind your back?

    Sexy tip

    You no longer need to open your mouth when night-time comes... Simply make the most of each other's bodies!


    You need to work alone at the minute. You hate relying on others! You have no intention of wasting time trying to massage egos and protect feelings. You simply want to get your head down and move closer to your objectives!

    Your finances

    If you have an expensive project in mind, make sure you can actually afford to bring it to life before telling everyone you know about it! Under the Moon/Jupiter conjunction, you could have a tendency to overestimate your strengths in this domain...

    Your lucky number




    Talk to as many people as you can and read between the lines of what you're being told. A stranger could point you in the direction of an interesting opportunity.


    You will be in the mood to plan a fun-filled weekend for your entire little family. You've had enough of spending your Saturdays and Sundays at home watching TV.

    Your saying

    « Friendship asks for nothing but a bit of attention in return » Georges Brassens


    You're always on the go, and your body is beginning to show signs of fatigue. Relax and spend time in contact with nature if possible.

    Your color

    Soothing and helping you meditate, opaline greet will make you look like someone who feels good in your own skin.

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