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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- September 3rd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Venus in Virgo will highlight your desire for a stable and relaxing sentimental relationship. Your union is moving in the right direction, even if you're finding it pretty difficult to put your feelings into words. They're still as intense as ever, don't worry! You should manage to find sensual ways of showing your other half how much you care about them this Tuesday.


    You enjoy going on dates with someone who likes you, but the idea of settling down with that person hasn't even crossed your mind! You're not looking for a serious relationship at the minute... Even if the feelings you have for your latest crush could become stronger than you'd ever imagined! Take life one day at a time and see where it takes you.

    Sexy tip

    You can do a lot more than simply wash yourself in a bath... Think about it! A quick roleplay could allow you to fulfill some of your fantasies...


    Being trusted with more responsibilities could cause you to fall out with some of your colleagues. Those people will really not enjoy being told what to do by someone they still see as their equal! Be as diplomatic and understanding as you can. Try your best not to raise your voice!

    Your finances

    You're not afraid of running out of money anymore. In fact, you're now pretty optimistic about the future in this domain. The sooner you learn how to save up for a rainy day when you're doing well for yourself the better. Uranus will help you anticipate potential future problems...

    Your lucky number




    You wish you'd spoken up for a friend who was getting bullied. You didn't quite realize how serious their situation was, but now it's too late...


    You know exactly why this family member is trying to call you... Ask them what they want from you as soon as you pick up the phone!

    Your saying

    « Before stopping for a break, you must climb up the hill » Guan Yi Pou Sa Ling Ji


    You will opt for natural, organic health and beauty products. You can look after yourself and help save the planet at the same time!

    Your color

    Cherry red nail varnish will spice up a slightly dull outfit.

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