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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- September 1st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    More enterprising and less indecisive than usual, your partner could struggle to recognize you at times. Your relationship will, as a result, lack stability... You're in a too much of a rush to get what you want, and you could forget to take your lover's needs and desires into consideration as a result. Expect to spend most of this opening day of the month arguing...


    This isn't the right day to get a new relationship underway... Don't worry, finding love is just about the least of your worries! You will be too busy taking part in your favorite hobbies with friends to go out looking for your Mr. or Mrs. Right. You won't even find the time to look at your phone! You will only realize in the evening that someone who likes you messaged you several times...

    Sexy tip

    Stimulate each other's senses and make the most of each and every one of them! Caress his body like never before!


    You will be so busy looking after your family or trying to make the place you live in more stylish and comfortable than it currently is to move your professional projects forward this Sunday. You simply cannot be in more than one place at a time! Your career is left on hold today.

    Your finances

    You can afford everything you want, but you don't like wasting your hard-earned cash away. You're not tight, you're simply terrified of running out of money... You're fully aware of how expensive the next few months are going to be! Save up while you still can, my Taurus friend.

    Your lucky number




    With Mercury dropping its bags in your social sky, you will truly enjoy spending time with your friends. You're so similar to those people!


    You're a bossy partner and a protective parent. You cannot stop spoiling your children! You simply find it impossible to refuse them anything.

    Your saying

    « The soul of a man is a secret and almost inaccessible concept » George Duhamel


    The Sun in Virgo fills you with energy, while Mars makes you more resistant. Looking after your wellbeing is your priority.

    Your color

    Light green leather bags or boots will look so delightfully vintage!

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