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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- July 3rd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Venus continues to make a positive impact in your couple and nothing will shake up this harmony which has settled in. However, you'll have a hard time putting up with the things imposed on you. You get irritated with mundane chores and you refuse to do all of them. Simply divide your time and put aside a moment for an activity, just for yourself.


    At times, you'll really be present for others and at times you'll go AWOL. Your loved ones won't be able to understand what's happening to you. If you need some space, say it kindly and you'll see that everyone will understand this well. However, in terms of your love life, don't expect anything today. Things will be dead calm.

    Sexy tip

    Why don't you try smearing jam or warm chocolate all over your partner's body? Even better, spray whipped cream where your panties should be! Such a turn on...


    If your work bores you, you might take risks without thinking and send everything packing. You're advised not to react in such an impulsive way. Control yourself, let the planetary influences decrease.

    Your finances

    Uranus gives you the desire to do as you please. This Wednesday, you feel like pampering yourself. Going to stores or surfing the internet, you'll buy everything you can. Is this really reasonable?

    Your lucky number




    If you wish to see your friends, you need to take the initiative. So don't wait and pick up your phone, at least to talk with some of them.


    Overall, the family atmosphere is good, despite the fact that you're not always attentive to what's going around you.

    Your saying

    « We learn little in victory, but a lot in defeat » Japanese saying


    Uranus makes you impulsive and could trigger distraction. Try to remain focused if you're cooking or doing odd jobs.

    Your color

    Halfway between licorice and cocoa... We all love the color of catechu!

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