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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- April 10th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You can't fault your partner at the moment. They've been on their best behavior recently and it's fair to say that you couldn't be happier with the way things are going. You're truly starting to believe that you've met your soulmate and you know that your loved one feels the same. The evening will get off to a good start when your other half prepares you a home cooked meal for two. Lucky you!


    Your love life is looking up and you can't wipe the smile off your face. You've got the spring back in your step and you can't wait to find out what destiny has in store for you. It could be the case of a friendship developing into deeper emotions or a work colleague declaring their undying love for you. Whatever the case, you're ready to take the bull by the horns.

    Sexy tip

    You go straight to the point, there's no beating around the bush with you! No foreplay, you skip straight through to dessert!


    Your self-esteem is growing and the results are clear to see in the quality of your work. You're so sure of your convictions that you'll knock on your boss's door to suggest some improvements. You won't think twice before stepping out of your comfort zone today.

    Your finances

    Keep a close eye on your spending as your finances are teetering on the edge of a disaster. If you can find it in you to say No to the little devil on your shoulder then the stars promise to keep you our of harm's way. Fortunately Saturn is increasing your willpower.

    Your lucky number




    Life's ups and downs have had a disastrous effect on your friendship group. You thought you were all in this for the long haul but it looks like you were mistaken.


    You'll be there for your parents in their hour of need today. They'll be sure to thank you for providing a comforting shoulder to cry on!

    Your saying

    "If you don't know where you're going, go back to where you're coming from." African proverb


    Your energy levels are back to where they should be and you're no longer feeling tired and drained. Good on you!

    Your color

    Milky and minty, Jade green will put the spotlight on green and brown eyes.

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