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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- March 18th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    By joining Mars in your marital realm, Venus will uncompromisingly show what seems to be working and what needs to be changed in your relationship! It'll be time for truth! It's going to require monumental work...Indeed, you'll be capable of talking about your romantic feats and describing your partner's sexual preferences to your friends...


    How to say this? Today, you'll be subject of the disastrous influence from Mars. Instead of being elegant, you'll be ruthless and even outrageous. You and a friend will have the idea of exchanging partners for a night. Of course, these people won't see an issue. Everyone will find this exciting...

    Sexy tip

    Expect passionate and intense exchanges. You won't run out of gas! New sexual experiences are what you're looking for today!


    You might make the most of a colleague's psychological weakness or accumulation of mistakes, to take the latter's place. For you, it'll only be fair. For others buddy Taurus, it'll look like a poorly placed opportunity...

    Your finances

    In terms of money, you'll grant yourself some disappointments. Due to the Moon-Mars square, you're not only going to run away from problems, but you're going to pile them up too! You'll have too many expenses, in terms of your income...

    Your lucky number




    You might confide in a friend or buddy during a weak moment. It won't be a good ideas as the latter will snitch...


    You'll feel that your family is omnipresent, not to mention intrusive. Today Buddy Taurus, your remarks won't be unanimous!

    Your saying

    "Pay evil with righteousness, and kindness with kindness." Laozi


    Buddy Taurus, at the beginning of the week, you're going to sway between dynamism and insouciance. Insouciance will win!

    Your color

    There's nothing like a Prussian blue top to bring attention to a brown leather skirt or jacket.

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