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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- March 11th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Buddy Taurus, in your home, you'll be the Ant. Your partner will be the Cricket...Moon and Mars will make sure that you have a firm head on your shoulders. Having a baby? You think you should wait a little more...Changing homes? This isn't urgent...In short, you'll set the tone!


    You'll tread on the path of your emotional destiny, with great intensity. With Moon's tacit agreement, you might come across a new and promising encounter, which will lead to great romance. You'll feel the need to be snuggled and kissed all the time, and to hear that one loves you. Don't become stifling...

    Sexy tip

    Use words to turn him on, be romantic, crude, whatever you want but just say something! It really works...


    You're really going to be devoted to work today and this could trigger several initiatives. This will help you take action with great efficiency and sow the seeds of your future success. A great plan. Keep going this way....

    Your finances

    Before buying something, you'll always look at the price. Today, you won't be the type to spend without counting. In short buddy Taurus, your purchases will be useful...Useless items will be definitely rare at home!

    Your lucky number




    Friendship is a sound investment according to you. You'll intellectually enjoy having your friends over. You're as close as family.


    Thanks to Mars's good position in your sign, you'll lead your family just like a conductor. Without the baton...

    Your saying

    "One asks the flower for its perfume and the man for politeness." Hindu proverb


    Tower of strength, you won't save energy. This is why buddy Taurus, nothing will make you sway today!

    Your color

    A dark and shiny black sheath dress or fitted jacket will give you a chic and glamorous look!

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