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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- March 8th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    For things to work in your couple, you'll target your desires and avoid seeing the big picture...In fact, with Mars's support, your partner will be your best coach...There will be less sex but it'll be more intense. Eventually, you'll win from this change...Even in bed, you'll be measured...


    You'll truly be in the glamorous mode today! You'll be open with your dates and talk about your desires. This day is going to be placed in the sign of a romantic encounter. You won't be able to hide your feelings anymore, as your eyes will sparkle. Between desire and reality, you'll make your first step!

    Sexy tip

    A quick trip to an unusual place with your partner will give your libido a boost! You will easily reach cloud nine if you're with the right person.


    The Mars-Saturn trine will be of great professional help. Its impulses will be beneficial as they'll let you check the precision of your decisions, without any stress and pressure. A good point for your career!

    Your finances

    Let's be straight about it, you'll get much more leeway. Saturn will provide you with a lot of peace. Enough to make you get rid of worries. Once again, you'll be able to believe in the future and come up with promising plans!

    Your lucky number




    You'll see your friends under a new light. You'll be much less restrictive with your choices. Oh yes, you'll be very realistic!


    You're overflowing with ideas and initiatives and your family will be delighted, the young and the elderly! In your family Taurus, there will be nothing but happiness...

    Your saying

    "Let us not despise glory too much: nothing is more beautiful than it is but virtue. " Chateaubriand


    You'll be able to resist the little everyday aches and pains. In any case, you'll have healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

    Your color

    Here it is, the star of the show! Electric, duck or turquoise, blue takes all fashion shows by storm!

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