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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- January 31st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Passion should be on the menu today! You will find it easier than usual to express your feelings. Remarkably demonstrative, you will enjoy providing your other half with all the reassurance they're asking for on this final day of the month. But you will want them to show you how strong their feelings are in return... Only fair, right?


    It might be time to start actively looking for love, my Taurus friend... It's becoming pretty obvious that your dream relationship isn't going to fall into your lap as if by magic! Accept offers to go out, see people and renew your membership on a dating website... Make your own luck! You should get close to someone interesting in next to no time.

    Sexy tip

    Please don't plan the sexual act! Follow your impulses and imagination! If you're lacking inspiration, watch an X-rated film together...


    You're too much of a perfectionist and you can be too bossy for your own good at times. Beware of arguments with colleagues or superiors. One of your bosses may not agree with your ideas today... Work on your communication skills in the workplace!

    Your finances

    A last-minute cancellation will put you in an awkward position in this domain. There's nothing you hate more than wasting time and money, my Taurus friend! You've only lost on a couple of dollars, but that's enough to put you in a bad mood...

    Your lucky number




    Eloquent and convincing, you will enjoy sharing wise words of advice with the people around you today. But not all of them will be willing to listen to you!


    Old family arguments regarding money or an inheritance could come back to the surface today... It's time to clear the air once and for all!

    Your saying

    "The biggest obstacle to life is waiting. It's hoping for tomorrow and neglecting today." Seneca


    You're very sensible to the cold weather. You also find it impossible to be happy around miserable people... Look no further if you're not feeling your best today.

    Your color

    Cornflower blue eye shadow will give you a real springlike look.

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