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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- December 8th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The planets will help you find ways to enjoy a romantic and sensual evening with your partner this Saturday. You will ignore your friends' offers to go out in order to spend the night cuddled up in your other half's arms. It's time to remind them exactly how much they mean to you, my Taurus friend. Tell your significant other that you want to grow old in their company!


    You could meet someone you like today... But falling in love is something you're pretty terrified of! Take the time to find out more about that person and you should quickly realize that they tick every single one of your sentimental boxes. You're like a totally different person when you're with someone you can trust! Show your new crush that you're not as shy as they think...

    Sexy tip

    Share your desires, express them in any way possible... Explain in details what you're going to do to your partner when you see him: it will turn him on so much!


    You find it hard to collaborate with your colleagues today. You're simply sick of being taken advantage of in the workplace. Being such a kind-hearted and devoted employee isn't always a good thing... You're popular, but seen as a pushover!

    Your finances

    A broken-down car or household appliance will force you to spend money you hadn't planned on spending today. It's so frustrating having to waste your hard-earned cash on fixing something that was working fine yesterday! Be patient, nothing bad lasts forever...

    Your lucky number




    Your social life is pretty unstable right now. You meet plenty of new people and you don't know how to turn down the chance to go for a drink! Your friends won't like that one bit, trust us...


    You can turn really nasty when arguing with people in your family! Ego clashes will once again be in the cards today. It's time for you and your loved ones to talk about your problems...

    Your saying

    "There's no end to purity and no beginning to sin." Indian proverb


    Eating less on a day to day basis will do your body a world of good. Adopting a healthier diet will help you feel so much more dynamic!

    Your color

    French blue stockings will put the spotlight on your legs... So trendy and classy!

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