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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- November 2nd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Moon in Virgo is making you think big when it comes to your relationship. You have high hopes for your future as a couple and are even hearing wedding bells and the pitter patter of tiny feet. That said, there are still a few kinks that needed to be ironed out in your relationship so make the most of today by getting whatever's bothering you off your chest.


    You've struck up a firm friendship with someone new but you're starting to wonder whether there could be more to it than meets the eye. You're beginning to see this person in a different light and you think you may have been mistaken in assuming the relationship was platonic. You'll decide to test the waters later on today...

    Sexy tip

    Be innovative, dare to give new sexual positions a try. Take a quick look at the Kama Sutra, don't be afraid to break your sexual routine.


    You're a force to be reckoned with at work today and even your boss is starting to sit up and listen to what you have to say. You're pouring all of your energies into your projects and the results are clear to see. You're ahead of the game and you want to keep it that way.

    Your finances

    You're going through your accounts with a fine toothed comb in order to identify any areas you could improve on. You have a feeling that you're not getting a competitive rate on your insurance contracts and mortgage rates.

    Your lucky number




    A friend will be brutally honest with you today and it will prove a very bitter pill to swallow. You'll thank them for it in the long run though.


    You run a tight ship at home and you won't be letting your family members get a word in edgeways today. It's your way or the highway!

    Your saying

    "He who has a choice also has a worry." German proverb


    You're firing on all cylinders and you'll have a smile on your face all day long. What a great way to finish the week!

    Your color

    Steel gray eye shadow will give you a modern and classy look.

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