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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- October 10th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The constraints related to your relationship are taking up too much room in your life, and it's smothering your feelings for your partner. The Moon will push you to settle things, even if it means bringing up old problems. You've had enough of being treated like a service animal! Your interactions will be tinged with aggression...


    The risk of failure will put the brakes on your romantic feeling. Under the Moon's cosmic influence, you might even go so far as to forbid yourself to love out of fear of seeing your relationship capsize. To make matters worse, you also hate public displays of affection. Holding hands or exchanging anything more than a brief kiss will scare you right off...

    Sexy tip

    Words can chill you out and turn you on when used appropriately! Feeling your warm breath on his body will turn your partner on...


    Dear Taurus: you're going to bring your romantic problems to work with you. Of course, you won't talk about them, but you clearly won't be in a cheerful mood. The unfortunate co-worker who provokes you will get an earful...

    Your finances

    Today, because of an extremely dissonant Moon, you'll be talking about money from morning till night -- about your debts to pay pack, your flagging income, your hardships... A word of advice, dear Taurus: talk less and act more!

    Your lucky number




    The Moon will put you in a rather acidic mood toward your friends. Don't be surprised if you're shut out today...


    The Moon-Mars square will be aggressive, and your family will get a good dose of its dissonance. The house will be filled will shouting today.

    Your saying

    « Wealth gives legs to cripples, beauty to monsters and interest to tears » Armenian saying


    Because of accumulated fatigue or a lack of water -- or both -- you'll have some muscle cramps during the Moon's passage.

    Your color

    Opt for a cerulean blue and you will feel galvanized!

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