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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- June 17th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Under the Sun-Saturn oppositions, you'll have a hard time finding out what you want and will sway between the need for calm and recoil and between love and affection. The problem is that all this doesn't make up the ideal partner, but someone annoying with whom one has the impression of wasting time! Isn't it?


    Alas, three times! You'll lack growing feelings and patience while satisfying expectations. The Sun-Saturn opposition will make you abstruse to any kind of externalization of feelings. Buddy Taurus, here's what is on the agenda: no flirting or flings,forget about sensual relations...No fun!

    Sexy tip

    Sulky, let your lover make the first move and take control of the operations. You will ask for cuddles more than anything else today.


    You'll question and be wary with the arrival of new colleagues. The latter could be mainly temp workers. You'll be worried as you'll be forced to check everything they do in detail.

    Your finances

    Financial disputes could lead you straight to the judge! You could even run afoul with the police...Under the Sun-Saturn opposition, some of your actions could be a little illegal...

    Your lucky number




    Friends? They're all parasites or cumbersome...Friendship won't be your cup of tea today, especially with an opposed Sun!


    With Sun who is really badly positioned, you won't get much free rein in your family realm. You'll have the feeling of being betrayed...

    Your saying

    « Praise belongs to him who starts, even if the next person does better » Arab saying


    You won't really take care of yourself, as far as fashion is concerned. Mentally, you'll be fragile!

    Your color

    A minty nail varnish will freshen up your appearance.

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