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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- June 6th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    It's better to tell you immediately: in your couple there will the dominant and the dominated. The Moon/Sun astral opposition is in full force, so don't think of getting the upper hand on your partner. Not to mention that you'll be at the beck and call of your sweetheart, you won't have much room for maneuver.


    It'll be chaos in your love life today! You won't be able to find your words, your outfits will cause laughter more than appeal and you'll lack taste! In short, the worst...In your defense, the planetary Moon-Neptune-Sun cluster will be negative. These planets won't get along...so let alone your romantic issues!

    Sexy tip

    A quick afternoon 'nap' will allow you to fulfill your desires without anyone noticing! Be as gentle as you can...


    If you were to lead a meeting or speak in front of an audience or explain your work in a gathering, it'll be mission impossible! Moon will opposed Sun and this will make you lose your bearings, especially your orator talents!

    Your finances

    Buddy Taurus, if you were to sell your house or buy a new home, you can expect a delay! Indeed, today the Neptune-Sun planetary square will prevent you from finalizing any real estate purchase.

    Your lucky number




    Let's be straight about everything: you won't be leader material today! Faced with dominating friends, you'll say yes to everything...


    You'll have the habit of keeping to yourself! Without actually being egoistic, you won't mingle with the other family members.

    Your saying

    « Wise words can sometimes fall in deaf ears, but a nice word is never lost » Arthur Helps


    Buddy Taurus, scratches or even a little cut, the slightest injury will give you cold sweats today!

    Your color

    Give green a go! In touch with nature, you will opt for a lovely almond green top.

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