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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- May 22nd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're no longer content with the day-to-day of your relationship. You want to take things to a new level, to envision new projects and strengthen your ties to your partner. You'll take some time to sketch out some visions for the future with them. They'll likely be seduced by your ideas, which will be quite original.


    You're setting aside those relationships that have no future and the superficial partners you've met recently. You're doing some housecleaning, and you're prioritizing what's concrete and profound in your feelings. And even if it means taking some extra time to find the right person, you're telling yourself that it's well worth being patient for.

    Sexy tip

    Very sensitive, you will pay great attention to your partner's sexual preferences. Your senses remain extremely stimulated, regardless of your surroundings.


    Today's a fairly calm one at work, but if you're supposed to be closing a deal or finalizing a partnership today, expect to run into some opposition. Not everyone will be receptive to your ideas, and you're going to have to be diplomatic to get them to swallow the pill.

    Your finances

    The Sun is shining on your finances. That said, your appetite tends to surpass your budget. You're at the whim of your impulses, and your expenses might go beyond the limits you should have set. You might have some regrets tomorrow, so stay prudent.

    Your lucky number




    Your friendships are sincere and profound. You know it, and you're taking advantage of this fact to confide in some of them. You might even tell them something that no one else knows.


    Calm has returned to your family. And even if your loved ones are always receptive to your ideas and desires, you'll surely have some nice moments with them.

    Your saying

    « Life is like a music instrument: you must know how to play it if you want to enjoy it » Demophilus


    The smallest change in program is making you nervous. You need to adapt and keep things in perspective - your well-being depends on it.

    Your color

    Bright and fashionable, canary yellow will go very well on your dresses and work outfits.

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