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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- May 13th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Technically, everything is going pretty well with your partner. But your mood is on a roller coaster in function of your thoughts. You'll be reflecting a lot, and your past is interfering with your ability to be objective. Your partner is realizing that something isn't normal. Don't draw any conclusions based on what's going through your mind today. Wait a little.


    What if... is probably what's running through your head today - but in the worst possible sense. You're imagining that the unpleasant situations of the past could be reproduced once again. The feeling tends to paralyze your ability to move forward in a new relationship. Everything will be going better tomorrow.

    Sexy tip

    You will dream about more passionate, romantic and whimsical exchanges. Wear sexy lingerie, and tell your partner he can't touch you!


    You're asking yourself a lot of unfounded questions with respect to your professional activities. You're trying to find the answers based only on your past and what you've already done, without accepting the fact that tomorrow is a new adventure. The best is definitely yet to come.

    Your finances

    Your finances are doing fairly well. You might even notice that you're beginning to get returns on some investments. That is, unless you come into a sum of money you weren't expecting. Keep your eyes peeled.

    Your lucky number




    Certain friends might open your eyes to a situation or business matter that you'd like to undertake. Listen to them and take note of what they have to say.


    Your loved ones give you a lot of physical and emotional energy. They know how to communicate their joy - and you could use an infusion today.

    Your saying

    « Night never falls on a place where you're in a love » African saying


    All this questioning is making you run out of energy. Rather than think, you need to move: do something physical.

    Your color

    Bright yet pale at the same time, dragée blue accessories look great on you!

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