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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- May 4th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're aspiring to bring about a perfect sense of harmony between you, your partner, and your family. You're doing everything you can so that everyone feels at ease, and you're giving up on trying to control every little eventuality. You'll have a great day on an emotional level as you let yourself be carried away by the warm, welcoming atmosphere among your loved ones.


    You're abandoning your natural sensibility in order to take as much advantage of life as possible. It doesn't matter what happens or whom you'll meet - you're giving free reign to your curiosity and your desire to meet new people. And one of these new people may just hold your attention by virtue of their unusual back-story.

    Sexy tip

    You don't really need to, that's true, but why don't you give sex toys a try? You're open to new experiences!


    You feel like making a change, even if it's just modifying your daily work routine. But in the same vein, you're afraid that doing so might displease certain co-workers. Think about yourself above all, because you're not inhibiting anyone from thinking.

    Your finances

    You're doing your best to make sure your expenditures and purchases are worth it, especially if they're related to your well-being and comfort. Above all, you want to satisfy your desire to feel good and to improve your daily life.

    Your lucky number




    You bring a lot to your friends. They admire and respect you, and they do everything they can to be around you - although you may not realize it.


    Certain members of your family might not agree with the originality of your vision of things this Friday. But you'll do your best to convince them.

    Your saying

    "A moment of patience can prevent great misfortunes, a moment of impatience can destroy an entire life." Chinese proverb


    Try to avoid getting anxious if your day is disorganized - it won't be a bad day because of it. Keep your energy under control.

    Your color

    Turquoise everywhere! Even on your jewelry!

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