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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- July 1st, 2021 -

  • Astro news

    Astro news

    With the Moon opposite your sign, you will not be in the mood to compromise or meet people halfway. You will not be afraid to speak your mind!

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your other half doesn't know what to expect from you! Terrified of upsetting you, they're finding it impossible to say no to you these days... But you'd like your partner to actually agree with your ideas instead of just automatically giving you the thumbs up without even listening to what you're trying to tell them!


    You're having a lot of fun flirting with complete strangers on a dating website. You're not afraid of disappointment, seeing as you've no interest in meeting up with any of those people in real life! None of those people are actually looking for anything serious either, so don't worry about hurting them...

    Love advice

    One has to be charming, sensual and incredibly laid-back to catch your eye. You hate confrontation, my Libra friend. But you're not exactly afraid to speak your mind and fight for what you believe in... The sooner you stop expecting more from people than what you're ready to give them the better!



    Your favorite colleagues should once again help you deal with the challenges coming your way in the workplace. Those people are like family to you. They're always ready to roll their sleeves up and get their hands dirty for you! You are not alone, my Libra friend...

    Your finances

    Money will literally burn a hole in your pocket. You will feel the urge to buy every single thing you like on this opening day of the month! The problem is that you haven't really been looking for ways to give your income a boost for quite some time...


    Health & wellbeing

    Full of energy, you will not stop running around like a headless chicken today. Try to treat yourself to a quick afternoon nap if you have the chance.


    Friends & family

    Squabbles are back and you'll have a hard time defusing the tension in your family. Your friends and colleagues will support you against all odds.

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