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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- March 9th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Sun-Neptune conjunction is helping you to look on the bright side whilst Mars is giving you plenty of energy and orignal ideas. You and your partner are both on the same wavelength so make the most of it to get your joint projects up and running at last. You really are a match made in heaven and you can't to see what destiny has in store for you.


    Positive energies from Mars are giving you lashings of self-confidence and helping you to wear your heart on your sleeve in the name of true love. Your natural charms will work their magic on someone special today and it won't be long until you have them wrapped around your little finger. You're finally coming out of your shell thanks to Venus.

    Sexy tip

    Be reserved and shy, it will stimulate all of his senses. Playing all innocent will seriously turn your other half on.


    Your artistic skills are coming to the forefront and your colleagues and superiors alike are finally sitting up and listening to what you have to say. You have a knack for thinking outside of the box and finding solutions where other people only see problems.

    Your finances

    You've got a lot to fork out for today, from home furnishings to clothes and beauty products. That said, you always shop around and compare prices first as you don't believe in pouring money down the drain. You can afford to treat yourself every now and again.

    Your lucky number




    You're dishing out plenty of wise advice to your friends today and they'll be sure to follow it to the letter. What's more, you're talking from experience!


    You're living, walking proof that some things are better left unsaid! Your relatives appreciate your ability to advise without judgement and to never say ‘I told you so'.

    Your saying

    « The beauty of a statue is judged on its pose, the beauty of a man is judged on his actions » Demophiles


    You're full of the joys of spring and have taken some excellent initiatives today. It's simply a case of mind over matter.

    Your color

    A lively tomato red lipstick will give you a succulent smile.

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