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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- March 4th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    If only every day could be like this! Your natural charms are working their magic on your partner and you can't keep your hands off of each other today. The only fly in the ointment is that your optimistic nature could cause you to ignore problems when they arise rather than tackle them head on. Neptune will give you some wise words of advice this evening.


    It's good news on the romance front for you today! The Venus-Uranus sextile is working wonders for your love life and you're about to fall hook, line and sinker for the person of your dreams. The zodiac has got your back and is making sure that you seal the deal by the end of the day. You may well even find yourself with a date offer for this evening...

    Sexy tip

    Make love somewhere other than in your bed! Listen to your imagination!


    If you work in a creative or artistic field then you can expect plenty of positive developments on the career front today. You were made for this line of work and your skills certainly haven't gone unnoticed. You're about to land the job of your dreams so you have every right to be smiling!

    Your finances

    You've decided to bite the bullet and get yourself up to date with your accounts and paperwork today. The unpaid bills are mounting and you'll be on the receiving end of some hefty late payment fines if you're not careful. Set yourself a strict budget and stick to it!

    Your lucky number




    You've hit it off from the word Go with a new acquaintance and you truly believe that a firm friendship could come of this. Only time will tell...


    Your loves ones have a calming influence on you so spend as much time as possible with them today. You're all on the same wavelength and that certainly helps.

    Your saying

    « If luck is on your side, cross the road. If destiny is on your side, move forward » Greek saying


    Pluto is helping you to see straight, think straight and get back in the driving seat. Positive thinking is the key.

    Your color

    Marine and royal blues are in fashion. They go so well with each other!

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