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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- February 1st, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're getting along well with your partner, and no surprise: they're being very attentive to you. They might even take some days off work to spend more time with you. Unfortunately, certain things are preoccupying you and preventing you from completely relaxing.


    Someone you see often, either at work or someplace else, might invite you out for a drink to get to know each other. There's some chemistry there, and for good reason.

    Sexy tip

    Text him what you're wearing, what you're doing now, what you want to do to him tonight... Act as if you were having an affair... Book a hotel room!


    You're feeling more interested in new projects at work. Do you need to explore new paths? It seems likely.

    Your finances

    This month is starting off rather well. Your finances are growing, and you can afford to make plans for you and your family. Just don't do anything that would put you in financial risk.

    Your lucky number




    There's no point getting on your high horse around your friends. Everyone's allowed some mistakes, even you!


    You're feeling a bit lethargic about taking care of everyone, but your children will motivate you.

    Your saying

    « Nothing can stop a heart from loving » Quebec saying


    You're set on taking good care of your body, and that starts with a balanced diet!

    Your color

    Play the romantic card by wearing a creamy white lace dress!

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