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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- November 21st, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The trine formed by the Moon in Aquarius towards your sign, where Venus is staying, gives you wings! You feel like going out, having fun and meeting new people... In your other half's company, of course! They'll happily follow you anywhere, don't worry. Your partner loves being with you when you're in such a good mood!


    The Moon in Aquarius, sign of friendships, trine Venus could bring you considerably closer to someone you already know... Are you two still just friends, friends with benefits, or a little bit more? That's the question you will keep asking yourself this Saturday!

    Sexy tip

    Are you going out? Forget to wear underwear and let him see that... You will prove to be very cheeky and playful, much to your partner's delight.


    Venus in your sign makes you particularly driven in the workplace. You're also so stylish and creative today! If you're an artist, the work your produce is about to get the recognition it truly deserves, my Libra friend.

    Your finances

    Venus in your sign trine the Moon in Aquarius protects your finances. You're in the mood to make your house even more stylish and comfortable than it already is today.

    Your lucky number




    Your friends are incredibly important to you. You could meet up with people you haven't seen for years! You're so happy to be back in touch with those old familiar faces...


    Your family means the world to you, but you find having to constantly take care of your loved ones exhausting and overwhelming at times. You need a break.

    Your saying

    « Absence is the greatest of pains » La Fontaine


    You never do anything by halves under the square from Jupiter to your sign. Try not to eat too much if you don't want to put weight on...

    Your color

    Brown outfits, boots or coats will go very well with periwinkle blue... Trust us on this one!

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