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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- September 24th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship will take a turn for the worse today and you may even end up fearing the worst for the future. You've got a lot of happy memories but you seem to growing further apart by the day. Your partner knows that something is amiss and will do everything in their power to turn the situation around today. Is it too late though?


    Your social life is a desert and there's not much happening on the love front either. Your loneliness is getting you down and making you crave a new relationship. You're ready to shed your scales and share your life with someone special, even if that means putting your heart on the line in the process. Social media may have some surprises in store for you...

    Sexy tip

    Use words to turn him on, be romantic, crude, whatever you want but just say something! It really works...


    Your interpersonal skills are nowhere to be seen today so don't be surprised if you encounter some differences of opinion with your colleagues. You won't see eye to eye on anything at all so you'd be better off sticking to your own devices.

    Your finances

    You're behind with your bills again and it won't be long until your mounting debts catch up with you. Costly emergencies and unexpected changes of plan have thrown you off course and left you out of pocket. You are advised to proceed with caution.

    Your lucky number




    Your social life is on hold for now as you've got a lot to sort out in your personal life. Your friends can't make head nor tail of your behavior today.


    Your family members bring out the very best in you and spur you on to achieve your goals. You don't know where you'd be without them.

    Your saying

    "It's better to love and be hurt than to be hurt because you've never loved." English proverb


    You're not feeling up to scratch so treat yourself to a day off if possible. Some rest and relaxation will do you the world of good.

    Your color

    Lively and pinkish, berry red will put the spotlight on your lips.

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