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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- August 11th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Ceres asteroid teaches you how to act sensibly and keep your impulses under control. Its influence has a positive impact on your relationship! Your partner is quieter than you by nature, but you realize that forcing your ideas upon them all the time isn't doing your sentimental life any favor. You want to treat your lover as an equal!


    You could, much to your surprise, cross paths with one of the most patient and reassuring men or women you've ever met today. That person will instantly win you over, my single friend! Under the influence of Venus, a beautiful love story could be in the cards... Simply try not to take things too quickly with them, for a change!

    Sexy tip

    Take care of your body to build your self-confidence up and be a lot more daring. Forget about how shy and reserved you once were!


    The Ceres asteroid brings you a wonderful opportunity to make a name for yourself in the workplace. You know someone who works for the state or federal government, and your CEO may well need a little favor from that person...

    Your finances

    With the presence of Venus and the Ceres asteroid, you will be twice as lucky as usual this Tuesday... You should easily find ways to give your income a boost! Don't feel bad for treating yourself to designer clothes: you can afford a bit of luxury!

    Your lucky number




    Your social circle is slowly but surely getting smaller... And that stems from a conscious effort on your part to get rid of people who bring nothing good your way!


    You try not to be too protective of your children. You ask them to tell you if they feel like you're not given them enough freedom. So listen up when they speak!

    Your saying

    "Beauty is the splendor of truth." Plato


    You used to have a coffee and a pastry for breakfast... Now, you have fresh orange juice, cereals and a kiwi! Your body loves all those vitamins.

    Your color

    A pale brown will guarantee you a wonderfully autumnal look.

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