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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- July 25th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The clouds have lifted in your love life and you're getting on like a house on fire with your partner again. You may even have plans to redecorate your home together and if that's the case then you can count on your other half to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in. The Mars-Venus duo is helping you to look on the bright side and not sweat the small stuff.


    You've decided to just enjoy the present moment and stop dwelling on your past and worrying about the future. You're a free spirit and don't feel ready to be tied down to just one person yet. Your natural charms are second to none and you're getting plenty of attention from your love interests but no-one in particular has set your heart racing.

    Sexy tip

    Who knows what turns you on better than yourself? Take control and express your desires! Caress every single inch of your partner's body. Whisper what you're going to do to him...


    You're doing everything in your power to speed up your career progression, even if that means changing companies to get where you want to be. Uranus is helping you to welcome change with open arms rather than flee it as you previously would have done.

    Your finances

    The arrival of Uranus indicates that you'll have your fair share of ups and downs on the finances front today. Its sextile with Mercury is causing you to lose your footing and act without thinking through the consequences. The less said the better...

    Your lucky number




    If you're invited to a party this evening then make sure you jump at the chance. It looks set to be a night to remember with your closest pals.


    You're enjoying every second of your family's company at the moment and you'll be living in each other's pockets all day. You can't get enough of each other!

    Your saying

    "Patience is the art of hoping." Vauvenargues


    You're firing on all cylinders and raring to go today! You're finally living life to the full and enjoying every second of it.

    Your color

    A smooth sage-green on your nails or accessories will calm you down.

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