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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- May 14th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Authority settles down at home! You're burning with enthusiasm! This attitude is double edged! Your passion is wrongly perceived! No need to panic, you're headed for an extraordinary evening! Passion is back! Your couple comes across a renewal! Both of you feel passionately about one another! Sexuality triggers strong emotions!


    You're ready to seduce. You knowingly wish to meet someone new. You really feel like ending your celibacy! You try to take action. Someone is already part of your seduction game! You have the intention of declaring your love to this person. This could happen quicker than you had expected!

    Sexy tip

    Foreplay will go on for hours and hours, much to your delight. Take your time, let your hair down and enjoy yourself!


    Your job is stable. It makes you head towards a job with responsibilities. Self-confidence helps you communicate better. Moreover, your colleagues like working with you. Your activities may require you to handle clientele.

    Your finances

    Control yourself from spending recklessly! Firm favorites come along at the wrong time! These add onto the irreducible expenses. It's wise to redo your accounts! Update your accounts better. You need to be careful! You may have forgotten a bill!

    Your lucky number




    You may play the arbitrator! A latent conflict may come along. Don't meddle at once. This may be related to indiscretion!


    One asks you for favors. Your vitality makes others call upon you. Say no in a firm way. You'll gain mutual respect from a relative.

    Your saying

    "Triumph without peril brings no glory." Corneille


    A little diet may seem tempting. Do this gently as you're really going to be tempted by your guilty pleasures!

    Your color

    Deep blue borderline purple, navy is everywhere these days! Ideal for both your clothes and accessories.

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