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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- April 19th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're still as obsessed with your significant other as ever and looking after them remains your priority, but a couple of misunderstandings and disagreements have been in the cards lately. Mercury opposite your sign could cause you to be far too honest for your partner's liking today! Hurt, they could literally hide away from you as a result...


    Incredibly charming and popular under the influence of Venus, those of you who want to meet new people shouldn't struggle to do so today! The problem is, my Libra friend, that you don't really know what you're looking for in this domain at the minute. You're so negative that you find it impossible to look past stranger's flaws and imperfections!

    Sexy tip

    The Moon stimulates your creative skills... Interesting, don't you think? Play hide and seek in the dark! Exciting and funny at the same time.


    Mars will help you raise your profile in the workplace. A kind and reliable employee, your ideas will prove incredibly popular this Sunday. You're so soft and well-spoken that everyone tends to go quiet and listen to you as soon as you open your mouth!

    Your finances

    Luck is on your side. You're not going to get rich overnight, but you should find ways to give your finances a boost. You will also be great at sniffing out great deal and unmissable offers allowing you to save a considerable amount of money!

    Your lucky number




    You love a challenge. You could decide to volunteer for a local charity this Sunday. You want to put your unique abilities to good use!


    You enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience with younger family members. You know exactly what those kids and teenagers are going through! You're still so young at heart...

    Your saying

    « The truths we least like to learn are the most useful to know » Chinese saying


    You find helping out the people around you incredibly rewarding and stimulating. Being selfless fills you with energy!

    Your color

    Relaxing and natural, primary green is THE color to give your dresses a fresh and environment-friendly look!

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