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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- April 6th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're finding your relationship boring at the minute. No, you haven't stopped loving your partner and they haven't stopped loving you either, but you're simply too busy to do nice things together these days... You can't remember the last time you went out for a romantic meal! Your job is currently having a negative impact on your sentimental life...


    You're beginning to find it really hard to be alone... But please don't jump into yet another relationship that isn't right for you out of boredom! Stop making the same mistake in this domain... What's the point of being with someone you cannot stop arguing with? Stay strong and wait for your Mr. or Mrs. Right to come along...

    Sexy tip

    Come up with a sexy scenario allowing you to fulfill your fantasies. Subdued lights and relaxing music will help you get in the mood for it.


    Mars and Saturn moving into Aquarius will support your initiatives. They will help you raise your profile and move towards your objectives in the workplace. You will be trusted with a task you had your sights set on for some time...

    Your finances

    Uranus will encourage you to start making more money. Take on new challenges and look for ways to give your income a boost. Aim for the Moon, you'll land among the stars even if you miss! A tax rebate could also be a lovely surprise...

    Your lucky number




    One of your friends won't exactly help you relax... They can't stop talking about the complex issues they're currently faced with! Your head hurts...


    You won't feel bad for asking one of your siblings to do something you're supposed to do... You've not got the time to fill out paperwork!

    Your saying

    « When you kiss someone, it's mainly because you wanted to be kissed in the first place » Sacha Guitry


    An air sign like yours needs to feel relaxed in order to recharge his/her batteries. You don't have the time to switch your brain off these days.

    Your color

    A smooth pastel orange will give you a classy, elegant and caring look.

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