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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- March 16th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Venus-Uranus duo is doing everything in its power to keep your relationship out of harm's way. You've come a long way and the good news is that the best is yet to come. That said, you also know that relationships are a work in progress and you make a constant effort not to grow complacent. It looks like you've hit the nail on the head!


    You're craving new adventures so you'll be pleased to hear that your love life is about to get interesting! You never do things by halves when it comes to romance and your love interests can't get enough of your positivity and sense of humor. The glass is always half full from where you're standing and you refuse to let the failed romances of your past prevent you from moving forwards.

    Sexy tip

    Make love somewhere other than in your bed! Listen to your imagination!


    There's no point counting on your colleagues for help today as they're too busy gossiping to give you any assistance. You'll have no choice but to roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty in order to get the job done. Well someone has to!

    Your finances

    You've decided to sell some of your second hand clothes and furniture online in order to free up some extra cash and also declutter your house. This is a no-brainer and you'll even wonder why you didn't think of it before. More money to buy more clothes with!

    Your lucky number




    A close pal has let the cat out of the bag with one of your mutual friend's secrets. You'll make a mental note to be careful what you tell them in future.


    If one of your kids has recently flown the nest then don't be surprised if they come back with their tail between their legs today. It seems that the grass is always greener!

    Your saying

    « If luck is on your side, cross the road. If destiny is on your side, move forward » Greek saying


    Your body clock is all over the place so it's no wonder you're feeling down in the dumps. An early night will sort you out in no time.

    Your color

    Marine and royal blues are in fashion. They go so well with each other!

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