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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- January 12th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Today dear Libra, you express your feelings loud and clear. Your partner wasn't expecting this! You need a simple relationship, without any clashes or headaches, an effortless couple relationship. Your partner loves you, he/she is ready to make the necessary efforts to satisfy you. You're happy.


    You begin to accept what life has to offer, when it comes to your emotional life. You finally forget about pride, you're ready for compromises and coming across happiness. In your professional life, someone may address you and use a stupid excuse. This is how you'll spot this person.

    Sexy tip

    Get rid of some of your old habits, look for the best way(s) to blossom! Don't hesitate to innovate, you love it and so does your other half.


    Ambition and the desire to be recognized are your motivations today. Suffice to say, that you don't have time to get bored or the time for a coffee break. You don't care, as long as your professional projects move forward. You're confident.

    Your finances

    Stars advise you to keep a close eye on your finances. Beneficial operations are going to come along on your account (benefits, real-estate transactions, etc), your finances grow. Investments make you yield profit.

    Your lucky number




    You come across a friendly encounter during professional exchanges. Your social life gathers momentum. You're delighted.


    This is the ideal moment to make the most of your loved ones. Mercury gives you a promising opportunity to make up for lost time. You use this well.

    Your saying

    « One can be intelligent his whole life and stupid for an instant » Chinese saying


    Incredible shape helps you tackle several tasks. You don't stop for a minute. A real dynamo.

    Your color

    Silver gray goes well with many other colors. Wear it on your nails for a wonderfully gothic look.

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