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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- October 25th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Being too sensitive has a negative impact on your relationship. You're not far from having a mental breakdown! But you know how to hide your true feelings and emotions, like the good Libra you are. You once again put on a brave face and pretend that you're happy... But you're boiling inside! You don't know how to make things better anymore.


    The negative aspect of Mars in your sign will encourage you to let yourself go today. In a lazy mood, you will not feel like doing anything at all this Friday. Yet, you could still bump into someone interesting while walking home from work or taking the dog out in the evening. Everyone has to make their own luck apart from you, it seems...

    Sexy tip

    You need to evacuate your excess of energy... A lively evening ahead! Stretch beforehand if you want to live up to your partner's expectations!


    The Saturn/Neptune sextile helps you move closer to your objectives. Your hard work is well and truly paying off! But you still don't really know where your career is going: you still find it hard to look too far ahead...

    Your finances

    The Sun joining Venus (planet of money) in your house 2 is good news for your finances. With the help of Mercury, those planets could indicate that your bank balance is about to receive an unexpected boost...

    Your lucky number




    A friend rings you to tell you about a wonderful opportunity. They know how to make a lot of money without having to break a sweat! They'll tell you in detail what their plan is.


    You're very good at finding out what's wrong with your children. They find it impossible not to answer your questions! Were you in the FBI in a previous life?

    Your saying

    "When one doesn't know what life is, how could one know what death is?" Confucius


    You're a bit down today... You feel the need to talk about your problems to someone who can understand you.

    Your color

    A classic color, Antwerp blue gives your clothes a deep and mysterious look.

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