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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- October 13th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Moon in your house 7 makes you feel like taking initiatives and spicing up your sentimental life. You will make all kinds of decisions on your partner's behalf! You've had enough of how indecisive your other half is. Make sure they at least half-heartedly agree with those new rules you're trying to set...


    You're not sure whether you want to stay single or find someone. On one side, you feel like your life is missing something... But on the other, you don't really like the idea of having to please somebody other than yourself! You're really indecisive in this domain... You cannot stop changing your mind!

    Sexy tip

    Your intentions aren't exactly something to be proud of, but you won't hide them! You want sex right here, right now. You're not interested in tomorrow at all.


    The Neptune/Venus trine could lead you to fall in love with a colleague of yours... You cannot stop dreaming about what your relationship would be like. You can picture yourselves exploring the country's most beautiful national parks together... Wake up! Your boss isn't paying you to do nothing.

    Your finances

    You're going to receive a nice little bonus. You can finally afford to buy this designer handbag or jacket you've been dreaming about for months. You're going to look so good next time you go out with your friends or partner!

    Your lucky number




    With the Moon/Mars opposition, you will be like a bear with a sore head today. You will not be afraid to tell your friends to leave you alone!


    You will enjoy interesting conversations with your children around the dinner table this evening. They're chatty, for once: make the most of it!

    Your saying

    "One asks the flower for its perfume and the man for politeness." Hindu proverb


    You're incredibly dynamic. Playing your favorite sport would be a great way to evacuate your excess of energy.

    Your color

    Mismatched colors will give you a very interesting and attractive look!

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