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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- August 30th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Past strengthens your current couple life. You see your mistakes and don't wish to repeat them. Couple life might show these routine moments and you face them through your imagination. Creating together or changing your furniture's angle or decorating your home together could be ideas that bring you closer.


    You feel the wind of change and you finally resume confidence in an emotional future. You won't show your emotions and remain reserved. One might perceive you as shy and mysterious at the same time, which adds to your charm. Go with the flow of feelings without trying to analyze. Spontaneity should be present to boost your love life.

    Sexy tip

    Whisper sensual and sexual words into his ear... Be romantic one second and crude the next! Words have a bigger impact that you can even imagine!


    An old colleague might give you a contact to find a new job. You can expect things to be slow and you might crib during most of the day, due to your current conditions. Your job isn't in keeping with your ambitions.

    Your finances

    It's useful to review things, as many days have been focused on finances. Money issues persist as your salary melts away due to outlays. You might think about changing jobs to earn more.

    Your lucky number




    You might experience disappointments in your friendship. You may see the mistakes you made with your attitude. A friend's nostalgia might make you gloomy.


    You prefer staying away from your family. As soon as you give your opinion, exchanges turn sour and ego clashes come along.

    Your saying

    "The best thing you can bring back from your travels is yourself, safe and healthy." Persian proverb


    You look for peace and quite to relish the well-being you want. You consider making the right resolutions.

    Your color

    Poppy red lipstick will guarantee you a seriously sensual mouth!

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