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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- August 28th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Stars make you wary in terms of love and you might get ideas to create together. Moon in Leo gives you a better vision of the future together and this could lead to little projects. Complicity is present and there is more understanding. There could be a surprise family lunch and boost a positive atmosphere.


    Discussion is very important so that you don't maintain the unpleasant atmosphere. If you meet someone new, it's important to get rid of your demons and let positiveness make way in your day. You might need some time to come to terms with a past relationship. You don't want to commit to a long lasting relationship, immediately.

    Sexy tip

    Be inventive, give new positions a try, enjoy a change of pace and scenery. You know exactly how to surprise your partner, and it works!


    Slight improvement in your job. This might be because a collaborator recognizes your skills. However, your tasks may be repetitive or bring you a feeling of routine which makes you feel discouraged at times.

    Your finances

    You let things wash over you as you've understood that patience is your ally. You continue to have a tight budget but you find solutions and your entourage helps you. This support is appreciated and boosts you.

    Your lucky number




    There is some guilt with a friendship that has deteriorated. You're trying to patch things up and might feel some remorse.


    Forget about your ego as you might sense unfairness with a loved one. Someone stubborn begins to get on your nerves due to principles.

    Your saying

    "When we disarm internally, we create conditions for external disarmament. The only guarantee of inner peace." Dalai Lama


    Your mood shoots up and you wish to forge ahead and maintain your shape.

    Your color

    Give yourself naiad eyes by wearing slightly turquoise aqua-blue eye shadow.

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