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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- August 21st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You think a lot and this spontaneity might totally lack in your couple. Your partner soon express this to you. Today, try to do those things which are different from the routine and motivate your partner. Meaningful exchanges help one another to trigger enough trust, to address the future.


    Your past love life seems to matter a lot and you might have doubts about the beginning of a relationship. There is dissatisfaction and you're waiting for this person to be more open and make the first step. You curb your feelings and it doesn't help this new relationship move forward, though full of hope.

    Sexy tip

    Forget about headaches or little injuries and you will truly enjoy what love has to offer! Breaking taboos in the bedroom could pleasantly surprise your partner...


    You want to move forward in a department where you find a better position and more recognition. You're unhappy and you begin to look for a new job. You need to bank on patience to achieve your goal.

    Your finances

    You're careful with your spending, as recently you spent a lot of money and you had to stop this impulsive buying. You're advised to stick to important purchases. You need to careful during the day.

    Your lucky number




    Past might come back and knock at your door. This could be a friend you haven't seen for years. Unexpected emotions are possible.


    You're attentive to a loved one, who is affectionate with you too. Slight misunderstanding could be felt and put you ill at ease.

    Your saying

    "Waiting is harder to deal with than fire." Arabic proverb


    Don't give into gluttony to make up for the things which are missing. Careful with your figure, as you might indulge in excesses.

    Your color

    Seafoam green will give you an authentic and natural look.

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