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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- August 17th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You can sense some improvement in your couple life, as you give things your best, to make things better in your couple. Sex drive might be on stand-by and simple gestures should boost the desire. You think way too much and analyze your love life. Try to live the present moment with spontaneous emotions, as they come along


    Stars upset your emotional life. You have a hard time trusting a new love. Past and your imagination don't help things and you don't feel like committing to a long term relationship. Talking about your qualms to one of your friends might be a solution to get rid of your negative emotions. Time is your best ally.

    Sexy tip

    Jump on him, rip his clothes off, scratch him, bite him, be wild! Your libido is all over the place! Fulfill your desires...


    Your department undergoes some disorganization. Consequences of this disorder causes a tense atmosphere with colleagues. Repeated tasks tire you out. You're looking for recognition. Frustration might get on your nerves.

    Your finances

    You need to make concessions and you can't stand the frustrations. Try to bargain-hunt or salvage material to decrease the current expenses. Your outlays continue to increase. You need to be patient while shopping.

    Your lucky number




    The atmosphere is electric and you might have qualms. The atmosphere becomes unpleasant at a rate of knots.


    Don't say your thoughts aloud, as you might offend one of your loved ones. To maintain peace, it's important to preserve your secret opinion.

    Your saying

    "Caution leads to the immortal kingdom. Negligence leads to death." Buddha


    To unwind, nothing better than a walk outdoors or gentle sports. Favor being at peace and silence.

    Your color

    Mediterranean blue eye shadow will make you feel like going travelling!

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