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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- May 20th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll cause some permanent damage to your relationship today by asking your partner to organize a threesome with one of your friends. Dissonances from Mars are causing you to take risks in your relationship even though you know there is little chance of you coming out unscathed. You're looking to spice up your sex life but you're going about it in all the wrong ways.


    Mars is refusing to help you out when it comes to your love life. In fact, this planet seems hellbent on making life difficult for you. You're not feeling your usual self and this will be clear to see in your interactions with potential love interests. You'll either come on too strong and scare them off or struggle to even get a word out. What's gotten into you, dear Libra?

    Sexy tip

    Who will dominate who? You don't know, but trying to figure out will be great fun! Don't ignore your deepest desires - express them instead!


    If you work in sales or marketing then you may be considering branching out into a new line of activity. Your current job has opened up plenty of doors for you and you can't wait to find out what the stars have in store. Your boss can tell that something is brewing...

    Your finances

    If you own a rental property then you may be having trouble with your tenants. They have not pad their rent on time and it has left you with a rather large hole in your pocket, not to mention plenty of worries on your mind. Waste no time in checking your legal rights.

    Your lucky number




    Dissonances from the Moon will cause you to put your foot in your mouth during a conversation with your friends. There's no point trying to dig yourself out of a hole...


    One of your children is the black sheep of the family and never fails to test your patience. Dissonances from Mars certainly aren't helping matters...

    Your saying

    « A bird's song doesn't echo forever. A man dies, but his legacy survives » Chinese saying


    The negative effects of Mars are zapping you of your energies. You're up to your eyeballs in things to do but you can't face getting stuck in.

    Your color

    Translucent and golden, amber yellow will give you a lively and upbeat look.

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