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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- May 14th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Dear Libra, you're back in your partner's bad books today as you've flown off the handle for no good reason. You really need to control that fiery temper of yours! Dissonances from Mars and Saturn are making you sarcastic, negative and downright unpleasant to be around. You'll even stoop as low as flirting with your partner's friends just to rub them up the wrong way.


    Dissonances from Saturn are stripping you of your morals and encouraging you to keep your options open by stringing along several people at the same time. One of your many victims may be a work colleague or business partner. You'll have your work cut out for you in hiding your double life outside of the office!

    Sexy tip

    The calm before the storm? A storm of passion, as things are... Your sex-appeal works wonders! Simply be yourself...


    Trying and failing is better than not trying it all! However, if you make a mistake then don't be tempted to cover up your wrongdoings in the hope of getting away with. Honesty is always the best policy so own up and take the blame.

    Your finances

    You'll make the mistake of taking out a loan today even though you know there is no way you'll be able to stick to the monthly repayments. Dear Libra, you're in a tricky situation as it is but now you've just added insult to injury. Oh dear...

    Your lucky number




    The positive influences of Saturn combined with the valuable input of your friends are helping you to shed your scales and broaden your horizons. Good for you!


    You'll go behind your family's back today by making decisions without their consent. All hell will break loose when they find out what you've agreed to...

    Your saying

    « The true definition of wealth is to not need anything » Gary Snyder


    You have a nasty habit of pushing yourself to your limits and beyond. It's time to admit you're not a superhero!

    Your color

    Ink-black adds a classy and elegant touch to your evening dresses. To be matched with a lively-colored scarf, of course!

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