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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- May 12th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    This Sunday will be filled with enriching conversations with the love of your life. Positive vibes from the Sun and the Moon are helping you to turn your thoughts into actions and your dreams into reality. Dear Libra, you have every right to get your hopes up as your relationship has suddenly taken a turn for the better.


    The position of the Sun in your sky is helping you to keep control over your love life. You've been feeling out of your depth recently and you know it's about time you got back in the saddle and stopped playing the victim. As luck would have it, a mysterious stranger will invite you out for a drink this evening and you won't have to think twice before accepting. And the rest is history, as they say...

    Sexy tip

    Love is more than a duty, it's first and foremost a real delight! Don't be indecisive and take initiatives if you don't want to feel frustrated in this domain.


    Make sure you talk your professional plans through with your partner before making any major decisions today. If you're considering moving companies or changing professions then this will have a considerable impact on your life as a couple. You're a team, after all!

    Your finances

    You'll make it clear to your nearest and dearest today that you can't afford to match their spending habits. They may be able to splash out on designer clothes and expensive restaurants but you certainly can't! Dear Libra, there's no shame in admitting you can't keep up.

    Your lucky number




    The Sun-Moon trine is helping you to take a backseat in your friendships. You don't feel the need to outshine anyone and would rather just go with the flow.


    Your family life is back on track and it's all thanks to you. The tensions have dissipated and everyone is getting on like a house on fire. Good on you!

    Your saying

    « Passion is a desire one can never fulfill when it is fed by your lover's absence » Jean Royer


    Head to the gym in order to work up a sweat and clear your mind. You've been bogged down with negative thoughts recently.

    Your color

    Opt for a pine green evening dress to make a change from black or navy blue!

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